Success relies on the ability to multi-task, juggle competing demands, and prioritize among equals. The path to an exceptional event is thus intricate, and if not managed professionally, certain to fall short of being flawless.

It’s a pleasure to introduce the future of event management and media communication Concept360. Concept360 brings to Ghana and West Africa as a whole a new breath of air in the event planning market, by combining youthful and mature fashioned values, going the extra mile, and using cutting edge strategic media communication and event-planning approach.

Concept360 among many other competitors in the media and event planning Industry is set out to become the leading brand to be reckoned with in the industry in Ghana through the provision of quality delivery of services.

Concept360 is a creative-service provider that specializes in producing content for individuals and corporations. Through new partnerships with advertising agencies, our outreach is becoming global in scope. The company utilizes the latest audio/video technology to produce cost-effective promotional, instructional, and original video content.


Be the Global leader in the delivery of entertainment experiences.


To develop an excellent customer service relationship with our customers by providing sophisticated media creative content and uniquely tailored event experiences.

‘’Our objective is to shift the responsibility of perfecting an event away from our clients and carry it on our able shoulders.’’


We thrive on innovation and originality, encouraging risk-taking and divergent voices. At Concept360, we are always discovering new ways to satisfy clients and delivering more to the client than they have paid for.

Concept360 employs a team of accredited and highly skilled staff who are able to access global best practices, systems and standards to deliver best value to our customers, leveraging on knowledge and expertise of the local operating environment.

We aspire to always exceed our customer’s expectation on the quality of our deliverables, this becomes our imbibing culture at Concept360 where we all manage our time effectively and each of our staff have a clearer picture of our business principles and core values on effective time management.


Our company’s goal of providing distinct creative content and services will be accomplished by pursuing our mission statement on a daily basis. To become the preferred media content provider and event planners for our potential clients, we will:
  1. Promote feasible production and event planning options for clients depending on their budgets.
  2. Constantly expand and revise our offerings, reflecting the desires and needs expressed by customer feedback.
  3. Continuously seek new opportunities and gain market share to become a regional market leader.

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